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Put on a Santa Hat

How about a little more Christmas spirit? There is a reason that we sing and share this month...we are celebrating the birth of Christ!
Have your ever wondered what life would be like if Jesus had not been born? There would be no Christian churches or hospitals, no New Testament and no reason or cause for Charles Darwin to fight against! Everything that has been encouraged and promoted by Christ would not ever have happened. Life would be so much different. We would not be free, we would be overwhelmed by our carnality and have no way out so all hope would be gone. Fact is, our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness!
Why don't you join me and get into Christmas Mode today! Hang some lights, put on your Santa hat, get a cup of joe, light a candle, and listen to a collection of great Christmas songs. And most importantly, thank Jesus for coming and living through you so that others could be saved an find true joy, peace and love. That my friends is Christmas mode!