Rocky Mountain Christmas

Most of my life I have tried to get my children to want to go to Colorado for Christmas. I was never able to quite convince them to leave the relatives and comforts of home for a road trip to a winter wonderland. Most of the kids are grown with lives of their own and their own plans so I thought the dream had dissipated. Until my youngest son and his family moved their this year!!!

So I made my own plans to journey to Estes Park and enjoy something I have always wanted to do. As soon as my plane approached Denver I knew this was perfect. My first evening we ate great Mexican food while watching ice skaters on a small ice ring outside the restaurant. Then we hiked into Rocky Mountain National Park which was so picturesque and gorgeous that I felt like I was in a postcard.

Spending Christmas Eve warning the brightly lit streets of downtown Estes Park, well that was the icing on the seasonal sugar cookie. And best of all I was doing all of this with family! Justin, Stacey, Faith, Hope and Dalton Jones. This is truly a Christmas I will never forget, a dream realized.

My prayer is that you see all of your dreams come to pass this Christmas. A relationship restored, a new job arriving, ora dream destination. But my favorite prayer is that you would know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. There is no better way to turn dreams2destiny than that!

May your "cup" always be filled to overflowing!

Merry Christmas!