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This Little Light

On Friday morning, evil unleashed itself in a small town in Connecticut. In the blink of an eye twenty children were with Jesus and six of their teachers entered heaven with them. Since that moment every law enforcement official, psychologist, and parent has searched to understand why someone would be so evil and do such a thing.

We will never understand why people would choose darkness over light but it happens every day. Speculation and opinion will never have the answer. What we turn to in the darkest of times is our faith. For me as a Christian, I know that there is darkness all around me and that I am called to be a light in that darkness. My light will help illuminate another's way if I am doing what I was designed to do. These children and teachers were also lights, shining brightly in a little city that has not seen much darkness until now. The promise we have in Christ is that when it is necessary, when the time is right, He calls us out of the darkness and into the marvelous light. Friday morning the children and their teachers instantly found themselves in a place of peace, safety, joy, incredible love and marvelous light.

So brave, so innocent, yet so "bright" at such a young age. May their parents and families all experience an incomprehensible peace that enables them to turn up their light even brighter as they use faith to endure this dark season. May they be a city on a hill that cannot be hidden, and may we all learn more about how we can connect ourselves to the One who allows us to shine bright in every situation.

Gods peace to all of those involved.

This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine!