Tis' the Season

Photo: Doris Knudson
Tis' the season to be _______________: you can fill in the blank! Today you have the choice to get out there and be happy. To let others see JOY in all that you do and say. You can worry about all of the things that are going wrong or you can move forward towards all the things that will go right. Sounds a bit cliche' doesn't it?
Perhaps we have all been so oppressed by negative circumstances and negative people that we simply cannot believe that good news still happens.
Today, try staying away from all of the bad news outlets and tune in to the Good News, also know as the Bible. God has a plan for you and that plan is to experience the wonder of this season, the peace that He died to give you and the JOY that He desires for you to live in. Tis' the season to be JOLLY so get out there and spread some joy!

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