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I heard a young person say this the other day. I had only recently become familiar with the YOLO which means "you only live once". I agreed with that one. I live once but with Christ I live forever!!
They were using YOYO to say "you're on your own". I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary and here is what it said...
Abbreviation for You're On Your Own. Something you say after a stupid person says YOLO, letting them know that you have no part in what stupid thing they're about to do. Guy 1: Hey, I'm gonna go bungee jump off a bridge, YOLO! 
Guy 2: Uh, YOYO bro. Go be stupid by yourself.
The great part of being a fully devoted follower of Christ is that I belong to the family of God. In fact, Jesus told me that He would never leave me or abandon me in any way. He would stay close, like a brother. He would be an ever-present help whenever I was in trouble. Though life may make me feel like a yo-yo, I am never on my own.

Another meaning is "you're only young once". Now I know that is true cause its been a while since I was "young". I do believe that I am as young as I feel but my body shouts something different regarding my age! Today whether YOLO or YOYO, let me just tell you YANA cause "you are never alone" when the Lord lives in your heart:)

Oh, and P.S.  If you believe the Mayans, then YOYO cause COJ will be back tomorrow!