Last night at our church I did something I have never done. I read the complete chapter 3 in the book of Nehemiah that was like the genealogy pages of the New Testament. I usually grab a few verses and make some comments hoping to be right in the heart of what God is saying but this night the entire chapter of 32 verses seemed important. It listed all of the people with all of their different skills working together to do the project that Nehemiah had inspired them to do. We closed the service with all of us praying for each other and the new connections that we were making.
People matter in anything that the Lord wants to do. He chose us to accomplish His purposes on the earth and when we are in the place He designed for us, well, it does not get much better than that. You and I were born to connect. Take a moment today to think of all of the folks that are connected to you and how you can work together to make your world a little bit better. You matter. Your special abilities matter too. Use them properly and nothing will be impossible for you! CONNECT!

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