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Fast Forward!

Every year in the month of January I like to settle down my system, reboot, detox and start fresh in the new year. The way I usually do this is through a season of fasting and prayer. I choose 21 days as it challenges me and gives me time to break any unhealthy habits or practices.(Daniel 10:3) Most people define "fasting" in terms of eliminating food and though that is part of it, for me fasting has more to do with consecration than consumption.
I like to set my mind, soul and body apart for God to begin to mobilize  me and then send me out to do what He desires me to do in 2013. This helps me not waste a moment of this new year. Each year several hundred folks from our church join me and its really quite amazing to see what happens when a group of people start in sync with the Lord and with each other. God brings clarity, healing and motivation. 
By now you have probably already started moving towards your goals for the year. You may be tempted to quit when things get tough. You might want to run when challenges come. Or maybe you still have no clear direction for what to do with your time, talents and treasures. Just ask the Lord. Pray. Prayer moves His hand. And if you want more specifics, try fasting. Fasting moves His fingers! 
Today I am agreeing with you for the best year you have ever had. I'm joining my faith with your for supernatural increase to come to your home like never before. For your "cup" to run over! Thank you Lord for answering our prayer!