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I'm OCD!


My keyword for this year is OBSESSED! I've heard this word used by so many people regarding trivial things; things that are temporal and not eternal. I was challenged to start thinking more about the plans that the Lord has for me and my family. About what He truly wants me to do with my life.

What if I was completely consumed by things like whatever is true, noble, right, pure and lovely? Or things that are admirable, excellent and praiseworthy? My belief is that I would rise to an entirely new level!

So this year, I am OCD...that's right I've got obsessive church disorder! How about you? Can I challenge you to think of these things? Go ahead and share this image or email us if you'd like to wear one of the wristbands and let others know about your obsession. How about letting these words dominate your thoughts and affect your words? Maybe you'll be OCD too!

Wristbands are available in three colors and are $2 ea or all 3 for $5