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One Special Recipe

I'm so grateful to Christ Jesus for making me adequate to do this work. He went out on a limb, you know, in trusting me with this ministry. The only credentials I brought to it were invective and witch hunts and arrogance. But I was treated mercifully because I didn't know what I was doing—didn't know Who I was doing it against! Grace mixed with faith and love poured over me and into me. And all because of Jesus. (1 Timothy 1:12-14 MSG)

There's one recipe that can take all of your bad choices and behavior and bring something tasteful out of it. It's a special blend of grace, faith and love. Many times we become bitter and say things we don't really mean. We may even follow up the hurtful words with actions. When we hurt another person we hurt the Lord. He created us to lift up each other, to bring peace and joy to the circle of influence we have. So we started with a poor, distasteful mix and then He added grace, faith and love and poured it into it. He mixed it up and out came you and me, adequate to carry out His mission, trusted with being a fully devoted follower of Christ. Today, thank Him for enabling you and placing you in His service. Then go help share this recipe with someone else so they too, can taste and see that the Lord is good!