The Other Side

In Mark 4, Jesus made a simple statement to his disciples: "let's go to the other side". Reading this story again from my book TRANSITIONS, has led me to look again at the many lessons in this event. A couple come to mind today. Two questions that immediately rise up in me are 1-why are we leaving at night? and 2-whats on the other side? 
The Bible says that he made this request at the end of the day. It just does not seem "natural" to want to row across a lake at night when visibility is zero. But this was a faith test. When physical visibility is gone, spiritual visibility kicks in. When you can't see Him, you have to trust Him. 
And why are we going to the other side? What's wrong with this side? I know where everything is and I'm comfortable. You are taking me out of my comfort zone at an uncomfortable time!
Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is the substance of what you hope for. It's the evidence of what you have not yet seen. Faith doesn't see it to believe it: it believes it and then sees it. For me, whenever I get comfortable, I know that it won't be long before Jesus is going to say get in the boat!
The other side represents the journey from where you are to where Jesus wants to take you. Make sure He's in your boat. Awaken the Jesus that is with you today and you can send away your storms too! Let's go to the other side!

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