When the lights...

When the lights go down in the city....I had a little Journey moment last night during the Super Bowl. Nearly 70,000 fans of this event did too! In seconds, the New Orleans Superdome went from bright lights and fanfare to the game being suspended and power out on half of the dome. This was one night that everything had been taken care of, every detail in place and no stone left unturned, wasn't it. Still, for thirty-four minutes everyone waited and progress halted.
It was hard at first to imagine that something like this could happen.  And then I realized that lights go out everyday on marriages, careers, businesses and spiritual journeys. Fact is, darkness has always been a hindrance to moving forward. That is why "the light of the world", Jesus, had to come. He came to teach us about the damaging effects of darkness and how to handle power outages in our lives. And when his mission on earth was over, he gave us the keys to keep power on and to individually BE the light of the world.
Sometimes life flips a switch and power goes out. Many times you feel as though you are in the dark trying to find your way out. Faith in God always turns power back on. And walking forward in faith keeps you shining as lights in a dimly lit world that is searching for victory and success. 

"YOU are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden" Matt 5:14
Shine on!

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