Light it Up

Point me down your highway, God; 
direct me along a well-lighted street;

show my enemies whose side you’re on. Psalm 27:11 MSG
I don't like driving that much at night because it's hard for me to see. Especially when I find myself on a road that has limited illumination. I feel much better when I make it to a roadway that is brightly lit up.
My walk with Christ is often the same. Like most folks, I find some places on my journey that seem to have limited visibility and all most no light. So I continue to pray, "Lord, direct me on a well-lighted street so that I might see the way I am going and enjoy the ride".
If you feel like you are in a dark place today, ask the Lord to point you in the right direction and then light it up for you. I believe that He loves to light up his children and show our enemies whose side he is on!

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