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Most of us arrive at the middle of each week in need of some rest. The labor force and the trials of life have already beat at us this week and we need a refresher...replenished in our spirit and our body. I love the midweek services at our church because they do that for me. 
Yesterday I was given some lyrics that spoke to my heart and began to soothe my soul in the midst of this weeks chaos. They went like this:

Rest, the Lord is near
Refuse to fear, enjoy His love.
Trust, His mighty power fills every hour of all your days.

There is no need for needless worry with such a Savior.
You have no cause to ever doubt,
His perfect Word still reassures in any trial

There are a few more great lines of calming reassurance in this song, written by Phil McHugh and Greg Nelson many years ago. Take a moment today and let your mind be quieted and your spirit refreshed and replenished as you learn how to rest. The Lord is near!

Here's a link to the song:‎