The Best is Yet to Come!

In Proverbs 16 we are told “God made everything with a place and purpose”. Many of those that I am connected to are going through a transition this month and graduating from one season of life into the next. Sometimes that move to the next part of life’s journey is a bit intimidating. It will serve you well to always remember that God has an amazing plan and that He will take everything that happens and turn it into something positive if you let Him.
At our church I am constantly encouraging people to believe in themselves, to trust in the Lord and to dream BIG! You are going to dream anyway so you might as well dream BIG! The BEST of your life is the REST of your life!
With God, ALL things are possible. You can do anything that He says you can do. This weekend, I will be encouraging our graduates to keep walking with the Lord and enjoy the journey that they are on. We all deserve to do something that makes us happy. So, let's go do it! We've got a special place and an incredible purpose right here and right now! The best is yet to come!


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