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The Home Button

The "home" button...the simple one touch secret to getting back to where you started. We have gotten used to this feature which shows up in many forms on today's devices. On my phone I have a few options to choose from to let my home button know where to take me. I set mine to call Siri so that when I am lost or in need of assistance, Siri and I can have a conversation. One click and Siri and I are talking about the closest sushi place! I just hit that button and asked Siri to take me home and she pulled up a map for how to get there!!!
Dorothy clicked her heels to go home. John Denver took the country road. On my phone I click this button. Oh that a simple button could take us to that place where we are safe, secure and comfortable. Imagine finding yourself in a place you don't want to and you're home! Stuck in an uncomfortable situation? Just click and you're home! Want out of that negative relationship? Just hit the "home" button!
There may never be a simple "home" button for things like these. But in life, you can always find your way home if you follow what is in your heart. It's true, home is where the heart is. Your heart will guide you to that place where you are safe, secure and comfortable. For me home is not so much a place as it is a relationship. My heart belongs to Christ. 
Give your heart to Jesus and you will find Him every time you want to come home:) You will have to talk to Jesus and find Him for yourself. I asked Siri "where is Jesus?" She said "its all a mystery to me". Hey Siri, Jesus is in MY heart!