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Get Me Out of Here!

Psalm 55:4 My insides are turned inside out;specters of death have me down.I shake with fear,I shudder from head to foot.“Who will give me wings,” I ask—“wings like a dove?”Get me out of here on dove wings;I want some peace and quiet.I want a walk in the country,I want a cabin in the woods.I’m desperate for a change from rage and stormy weather.

Ever had a season where life was so difficult that it felt like your insides were being ripped out? Ever wanted to just fly away? Or wished you could have some peace and quiet-take a walk in the country-have a cabin in the woods? Me too! Who'll give me wings?

It's nice to know that this man after God's own heart, David, had those feelings too! Life can be brutal and the people in it too. But God has a way of showing up right on time to stand with you, lift you up and get you back into a favorable place again.

So go ahead and turn that frown upside down. No flight, no walk in the woods to your cabin can bring you peace like walking with Jesus!