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If You Care...'s a wonderful characteristic that needs to be developed in all of us. Most of us do not naturally know how to SHARE. Our favorite word as children is "mine". When we are little we gather OUR stuff and guard it so that no one else can take it away. It's MINE. The natural response is to keep and not share.
As fully devoted followers of Christ, we must never be keepers...we must learn to be sharers. To share is to participate in, use, enjoy and experience jointly.
The Word of God was given to us to help us grow and mature in our faith and to SHARE. The skills that we have, our very own specific characteristics and personality traits are for SHARING. Our resources of talent and finances are to be SHARED. We participate, enjoy and experience all of the wonderful things that the Lord has in store for us every day! Think of it like this...if you care, you will share! It's time to SHARE.
There is nothing that I like more than sharing a cup of joe with someone else...exchanging ideas, encouraging words and dispensing some hope and good news. I bet you love that too.
Take a moment today after you sip this cup, and share it. SHARE it on Facebook, on Twitter and LinkedIN. SHARE it by email too! Let's see how many SHARERS we have as readers and consumers of hope and encouragement:)