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Distinguished and Wise

Proverbs 17:6 Old people are distinguished by grandchildren;children take pride in their parents.

I have just enjoyed an amazing week with my brother and his family and my mom and dad. Mom and dad are really quite special. They always invite us to gather together in the summer and spend some time together. As we played this week I realized the amazing truth in this scripture. My brothers children and mine really do help make them distinguished. Your welcome, mom and dad! Not that they are old! Can I say that seem wiser each summer we get together! (Mom will read this) Fortunately we do not drive them crazy and make them want to go on vacation alone!

The other part of this verse says that children take pride in their parents. Watching them work together,and play together I am always reminded how much I am like each of them. I see them show up in my words and in some of the things I do. My prayer is that my kids will take pride in me like I do in my mom and dad. Today the trip ends but the memories have been carved in our hearts for eternity.