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Happy Birthday Rembrandt

Rembrandt would have been 407 yrs old today. He is praised for the way he used shadow and light to draw attention to events and figures in his paintings. His most famous piece is the Night Watch.
Well shadow and light always draw attention to people and places in real life too and not only masterful paintings. What I keep learning in my life is that these two seem to follow each other all the time. Shadows keep hidden and light exposes. Shadows call attention to my weaknesses and light brings out my strength. After a dark season of trial and difficulty I usually see some light. As I am enjoying the blessings of clarity and purpose it isn’t long until another shadow can appear. And the cycle continues. It often feels like I am on night watch just waiting for the darkness again!
Maybe you also experience this rollercoaster of ups and downs, lights and shadows. Don’t let your commitment to the things of God stay lurking in the shadows. It’s time to bring everything out into the light. Why Jesus said YOU ARE the light! Live as children of the light as you watch for His return. Now go paint your masterpiece with your life!
"You are the light of the world,
like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. Matt 5:14