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Psalm 18:30 God’s way is perfect.All the Lord’s promises prove true.He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.

Everyone wants to find the path of least resistance when dealing with life circumstances. TV ads target our inner desire to be better looking, richer, and more intelligent. All these actors and actresses have perfect lives, right? Face it, we want to be perfect!

The Bible lets us know that there is only one perfect person and his name is Jesus. His ways are perfect. That does not mean they are the ones with fewer challenges. It means that when you walk with Him you can overcome them. His promises always prove true and He desires to watch over you all along the way.

So this week, stop looking for the easy way out or the simplest way through. Look for Jesus and trust His leading as you go and you will come out better than you ever imagined on the other side.