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Call Me , Maybe?

Have you realized how our lives have changed since the addition of the cellphone? When we use the cellphone to connect we no longer ask people how they are, we ask them where they are. With caller ID and text messaging, we no longer have to have a conversation with anyone unless we want to pick up the phone. Our kids say, don’t call me…text me! 
I miss the days when we could dial a number and get a real person and an actual conversation on the other end. I long for those days when you didn’t have to hear an answering machine tell you when you could speak and leave your message. Aren’t you glad God does not require a family plan or a basic media package to connect to Him? Aren't you glad He does not say, call me, maybe?
In Jeremiah 33:3 He says, Call me and I will answer. Not just that but he goes on to say I’ll show you great and unsearchable things that you do not know. Amazing things are about to be revealed to you. Valuable information that you and I can use. So forget about those rollover minutes and rollover everything to Him…He cares for you and He will sustain you. Can you hear me now?