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Fat Blockers 2

We are moving on to day number two in our quest to eliminate fat blockers from our spiritual diet. It's time to get into the meat of the Gospel and become "thicker" believers! I give you permission this week to become more spiritually fat and flourishing:)

Fat Blocker #2- What do I Say? Well, lets stop right there because its not really about what YOU say but rather what He is able to say through you. The real issue here is that this dream and vision God has given you has more to do with Him than you. You cannot manufacture it, it has to be God-directed. Your mouth just needs to be willing to be used…you speak what He places in you. We have all had times where we said something and just couldn’t believe that we really said that out loud. God knows when and where to get the point across. He was even able to make a donkey speak once to a man that just would not listen. We are to be a vessel of honor, meat for the Masters use. So fire up the grill and get ready for those vocal chords to be used to bring peace, joy and love. And don't forget this: being available is more important than being able.