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Fat Blockers 3

So, are you feeling any fatter? Now that you know who you are and who it is that gives you the right words to say, you should feel like something is growing inside of's the spirit of God!
Fat Blocker #3- What if they don't believe me? All of these questions this week were asked by Moses as God was trying to utilize him to bring millions of people to freedom and follow a divine plan for their life. Moses was afraid that the people would not believe the things he would share. again, the problem was Moses:)
We always run the risk of not being heard the way we wanted to be heard…but God will always accomplish what He wants if we are being used by Him. Fear of rejection, being shunned, becoming an outcast are always going to be hovering around us but if we are relentless in our pursuit of being available, saying what he tells us to say and knowing who we are in Him, all things will just work out. Its a promise in the Word of God. (Romans 8:28) the things you have to do and say may not always be in accordance with your plan but it’s God’s purpose that supersedes your plan. It is not your job to make people believe the Word, just to share it!