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Fat Blockers 5

Ok, so I have been praying that you would pack on some spiritual pounds this week. It's time to be living large and supercharged! No devil will be able to push you around. No winds of adversity can blow you over. This is your time!

Fat Blocker #5- Send someone else! Truth be told, I do not believe that there has been a person that stepped out on nothing in faith to obey God and hasn’t found themselves in a place where they wanted to run away and escape God's calling. Moses was overwhelmed…you may be too. But it’s always too soon to quit. This IS your time! Perseverance…patience has to be able to accomplish its work. Staying in the fight, remaining in the hunt not only builds up strength and endurance, it develops character. Get rid of those fat blockers and get ready to flourish. This is YOUR time!

The last word always belongs to God…

Who am I? God says, I called you by name and I know who I am…and I know what I want you to do.

What do I say? God says, I am with you always and I will fulfill what I desire.

What if they don’t listen? God says address their concerns and give them enough information to make their own choice…pray they choose My way.

I’m not eloquent…God says trust me and let me show you what I can do through you.

Send someone else…God says hang in there, keep the faith, fight the good fight, put on the full armor!

Well, I can almost see you getting fatter! It’s time to flourish so that we can help others flourish to.