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Turn the Light On

Psalm 119:129-130 Your laws are wonderful.No wonder I obey them! The teaching of your word gives light,so even the simple can understand.

As the pastor, I hear many people talk about how hard it is to understand the Bible. I get asked often "what's the best version to read?" My answer, "the one you understand".

Jesus wants you to know Him. He promised that when you seek Him you will find Him. He said "ask and you will receive". He used a variety of people to write different letters that would reveal His plan piece by piece to each of us. Reading His Word brings strength and builds our faith and when you hear it taught, that light of revelation comes. You need a local faith family to connect to make it easier to grow spiritually.

Maybe you tried before to get into the Bible and then gave up. Why not give it another try? Start with the New Living Translation or The Message and see what begins to open up for you. You may be surprised by how simple it can be. I have a feeling that the light is about to shine!