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Growing Up is Hard to Do

This week I got to learn a great deal about myself, what I can handle and what truly impacts me emotionally and spiritually. I have three children, two boys and a girl and they are all amazingly creative and talented. My youngest son, Justin, moved out some time ago and has a family in Colorado and my other two, Brandon and Jordan have stayed close. Jordan is a junior in high school and Brandon is 24, chasing his dream and pursuing God's plan for his life.
This week, Brandon took the pursuit to LA and moved out to California. The packing began Sunday and continued through Tuesday which is when he left. I always knew that I loved these kids, and one of them has already moved out so this should have been easy. But because Brandon was around so much and for so many years, when he left it really impacted me. I was not prepared for what I would feel when my oldest son left the nest. I was overwhelmed with joy for a young man that would pursue his dream but I was so sad as the car drove away. I am still reeling a bit from this change and trying to adjust to his empty room and the quietness of the house without his screams and laughter.
My mom shared a story about going through this in my book TRANSITIONS, and how she had a hard time dealing with the empty home when all of us left. This happens to all of us. Growing up is hard to do!! Growing old's no piece of cake either:)

I think that God gets really excited when we pursue the things He has planted in our lives. He smiles as we make decisions that take us down a predetermined course in life. He wants us to grow in our faith experience, to get more and more courageous and to chase our enemies away rather than entertain them. To grow in grace, step out in faith and do what the Lord requires is not always easy. Growing up in the Lord is hard to do! (2 Peter 3:18)

So how do we deal with these growing pains? If you're like me, you cry a little, you laugh a little and then you just keep walking in the direction of the dreams that God has planted in you. You just simply TRUST in the Lord. I planted some great seeds into the lives of my children so I know that an amazing and bountiful harvest is promised. Keep chasing HIS dream, planting YOUR seeds and get ready for some new growth coming your way!