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Just the FACTS

Facts...indisputable truths...I love to know the facts. There are so many opinions and ideas out there that make the facts so refreshing when you get them. I especially like to know things that are true that make me laugh. I like happy facts. Let me share a couple:

If you fake laugh long enough, you'll actually start to laugh really hard.

Rats laugh when tickled (wonder who figured that out?)

The Beatles used "love" 613 times in their songs.

Butterflies use their feet to taste (favorite food- toe-fu:)

When you were born, you were, for however brief an amount of time,the youngest person on the planet.

And now a little more seriously, here's how you can use the FACTS to be happy. Just follow the FACTS:)

F orget the past

A ccept your mistakes

C ry and move on

T hank God

S mile always

Hope you were able to smile just a bit today!