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Not Ashamed

2 Timothy 1:8 So never be ashamed to tell others about our Lord.

I think most believers struggle with the very thing that should come naturally to them...sharing Jesus with a stranger. Personally I do not think it's that we are ashamed as this scripture speaks of. I believe that it has to do with fear...fear of not being able to answer their questions...fear of being rejected...fear of chasing them away from church and Jesus forever.

The easiest way to share Jesus is to live your life for Him in front of them. Letting your words, thoughts and actions be a fabulous representation of Christ. I think we'd be surprised at how receptive this world is to genuine love and godly peace. You hold the key that will unlock a life full of divine blessing and favor. Today, take courage and look for an opportunity to tell someone about the person that changed your life forever. Share Jesus!