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Call in a Victory

For about a month our church has been looking at some of the strategies that seem to be used against us to stop us from moving forward. Even in moments when we are in sync with God’s will, difficulties can arise. As we get stronger and develop our God given instincts and abilities, more ideas and opportunities come our way and we are required to become more responsible. To whom much is given, much will be required and if we do not deliver…well what happens then? Things disappear.

The enemy has a strategy. It starts with division. DI-vision… its separation from the vision. If he can get you away from the pack…if you can be isolated and alone, you are an easy person to pick apart. Once division occurs, its not long before the feeling of defeat shows up. Panic and fear overwhelm us and we start to believe that we are out of chances. The next phase of this attack is discouragement. It means you dis-courage…there is no courage left. No strength to fight, no will to go on. And when division, defeat and discouragement have run their course, the end result is a life that is disengaged and detached.

God has an antidote for all of this. The challenge is not forgetting His plan when all of this breaks loose against us. He created us for fellowship. When you have fellowship, it is harder to pull you away from the pack. Your arms and hearts are linked and knit together. You can tell how important it is by how hard the enemy tries to steal our joy in being together. All it takes is one misunderstood word or phrase, one misconstrued glance, perhaps even one innocent oversight to send us into a downward spiral. Division kills. We need friends…friends OF faith and friends WITH faith. Faith is what God offers to help counteract that “feeling” of defeat. Many times we live as if we are defeated when in fact the game is only partially over. Often we will fast forward  in our mind to the end of the game and see loss. Why can’t we do the same and fast forward to see victory? Romans 4 tells us that Jesus called things that were not as though they were. Call in a victory today. Call out faith and watch defeat diminish. When faith is put into motion the fear that caused discouragement to come flees. Courage comes back because you see yourself winning instead of losing. What have you got to lose?