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Livin the Dream!

This is a special Saturday Morning cup! Everyday I have someone that asks me how I am doing and my answer is always the same..."I'm livin' the dream!" Some days I am not feeling it but I say it anyway. This day used to be my wedding anniversary day for 20 years. That all ended in 2005 and ever since then this week and especially this day has been everything but joyful. What the Lord has been talking to me about is this: if you want to SEE change, you need to SEED change. In other words, if you don't like how you feel during this time of year, change what you do. So for me personally, I'm turning a hurtful memory into a hope-filled day of ministry!
Tonight I have an amazing opportunity to share the love of God in a city that inspired me to start all that I am doing today at The Landing. It was a dozen years ago and since then thousands of people have been touched by Christ through the incredible people and talents the Lord has surrounded me with. We call this event "catalyst" because just as they inspired me years ago, I hope to go back and encourage them and say thank you in every way we can. Tonight we will worship, share a dramatic human video and then share a story from scripture that lifts up my spirits every time I read it.
Please pray today and say a special prayer for our team as we travel to Haskell, Oklahoma and host Catalyst: Empowering HIS church to BE the change. We appreciate you and hope you have an amazing weekend!