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I Have Run the Race

Well we have finally arrived at the last 24 hours of the year 2013. This is my last opportunity to tie up loose ends, finish anything I wanted to finish this year and make my last year end donations to charity. But more important than that it is my chance to tell those that are closest to me how much I appreciate them. I also can ask forgiveness for those that I have treated unfairly. I want to end the year right.

Tomorrow when I get up things are going to be different. But tomorrow is a day away. What I do right now will put the exclamation point on a year that was filled with so many ups and downs. I've had some of my highest highs this year. But I have also seen the lows. I've attended more funerals this year for friends who had lost loved ones. But I have also seen more people saved by grace through The Landing Community Church than any year before. The good news is I have fought the good fight of faith...I have run the race this year and in just a few hours I will cross what looks to be a finish line but is really the starting line for a year full of potential and opportunity. 

What are you thinking about today? Do you have any unfinished business? Someone may need to hear from you today. Reach out, share some love and lets go into 2014 with a smile!