Drop Your Nets

Drop Your Nets! 
It's our theme for this year at The Landing. A net is anything that you are doing that keeps you from following Jesus. In Mark 1:18 Jesus stopped by as Simon and Andrew were fishing. They were good at this and it provided what they needed to live. It was important to them. But they let it go. Jesus changed everything. Jesus asked for their commitment, their devotion. The Bible says that they didn't ask any questions. They simply dropped their nets and followed Him. They left it all and followed Him.
As I thought about my life and our church I saw some things that keep us from being all that  we were designed to be...I saw NETS.
Need for approval of others
Trash Talk
These things get me all tangled up and hinder my progress as a fully devoted follower of Jesus. So will you join me this year and drop your nets? What are you holding on to, who are you hanging with that keeps you from becoming all that God had in mind for you when you were born? Jesus wants your life and for you to use your abilities to glorify His name. Go ahead, drop your nets and follow Him!

**Listen in to this KeyWord message from January 12 at www.thelanding.tv 

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