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There seems to be an unusual amount of terrible activity happening right now all over the world. It's in the news, you hear about it on the radio and many of my friends are in battles they never thought they would face. It’s as if someone unlocked a door to evil that has always been shut and in that room is nothing but pain, hate and evil. Jesus told us that we should combat evil with good. So today I begin an initiative of goodness…a movement of kindness that I believe will personally energize me and make me want to get up each morning and get going. I'm going to overcome all of this evil with an abundance of good! I'm starting a loveXplosion!
An explosion is defined as a sudden, loud and abrupt release of energy. So when LOVE is the focus, a loveXplosion is a sudden, loud and abrupt release of LOVE! It’s what the world needs now. It’s what my city needs now. It’s what I need right now! I am looking forward to the changes that will come in my life as I focus on bringing positive changes to someone else’s.
So during the entire month of February, I will be joined by others at The Landing, looking for ways to set little “charges” of love throughout the community each and every day. We have to be creative. I’m asking the Lord each day to give me an idea and then connect me with a special person to be blessed by that act of love.

How would you like to join this loveXplosion? If you want to jump on board, just do any random act of kindness and spread some love. Look at those you pass by each and every day and ask the Lord how you can initiate a loveXplosion. And when you have blessed another person during the month of February, whenever and wherever it is, post your act with #loveXplosion either on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram a photo. If you do not use those services just send an email to and say I just started a loveXplosion! We are going to track all of the amazing things that are going on all over the country. Of course you can be anonymous if you wish. It’s going to be so much fun to see love, the love like Jesus showed, Xploding everywhere!

You are the best BLOG followers in the world! #loveXplosion