The Daniel Fast

Today our church completes our Fast Forward season for 2014. For the last three weeks many of the people made personal changes to their lifestyle, their diet, and their approach to the Lord by doing the Daniel Fast. This year I have seen and heard so many incredible stories about the power of the Lord to heal and restore. But the thing I have enjoyed more than anything else are the faces and the attitudes that have changed. 
Daniel had adopted a lifestyle that stood strong in the face of temptation. He did not defile himself by eating the Kings food. Instead he chose to live the way the Lord guided him and in ten days time, not only was he smarter than ever...he looked better too! I have seen with my own eyes the countenances change on so many of the faces I see each week! And the people feel better too!
Tonight we will celebrate the end of a season but I hope and pray that it will not be the end of this life change. When we feel so much better and full of more energy by eating right, why do we always go back to the way it was before?  
Maybe you have made some changes this month too. Think about what you did to experience the good feeling that you have right now. How about adopting this plan for another month to see what can happen? If you could Fast Forward to the most amazing day you have ever had, would you? I guess you'll have to answer that for yourself!

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