What a Week!

Now that's a first week of the year!!! The first time I stayed up till midnight to usher in the year followed by my 55th birthday. A trip to the Orange Bowl and time with my family including a chance to speak at my brothers church. Then it was home to a successful launch of this years small group ministry (CONNECT) at The Landing as well as a 21 day season of fasting and prayer. After that it was the 25th birthday of my oldest son and more preparations for this coming weekend at our church where I get to reveal the KeyWord for 2014! I'm exhausted just typing it!
I have really begun to understand a bit more about the purposes and plans that the Lord has for me. I believe that it is to stop focusing on what I am doing for Him and start being more like Him. When I begin to do what Jesus did, everything I do will be led by His presence and spirit.
How has your first week of 2014 gone? Are you pressing into this year with enthusiasm and power and trusting Him for all that is necessary to continue? Have you already given up on your goals for the year? Hang in there...surround yourself with some dreamers and faith-filled folks and keep your eyes on Jesus. What He begins in you He will finish!

I am praying for YOU and all that lies ahead of you in 2014!!

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