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Love Covers All

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirs up conflict,but love covers over all wrongs.

Right here in the middle of a month long #loveXplosion I run into this verse me take some time to think about what it means to me. I know that God is love and that His love is unconditional and powerful. But today I ponder this idea of love covering covers all wrongs.

People have a tendency to run off with few facts and full of emotion when it comes to gossip and/or slander. Church folks are some of the best when running to the phone instead of Gods throne. Pray before you say!

I think what God was hoping we would understand was that we have the power to love folks through a hard choose to restore rather than exposing them in their period of weakness. Trust me, we will all need this type of mercy at some point in our lives.

Maybe you know someone who is going through it right now. Don't throw a log on the fire...stop and use love to snuff out the flame. Love does indeed cover all wrongs!