Love is All You Need

My church considers me to be the king of the acronym...seems I have one for everything! So why not a special one for this wonderful day filled with things and thoughts of LOVE?

Lifting Others Value Everyday...its a simple reminder of what love really is. As we start this day it should be part of our mission to encourage other people and make their life better. Especially those that live in the same house! Let me ask you a very simple question: Are the people that you influence treated as though you value their friendship?
Someone once said, "what you respect you will attract and what you don't respect will move away from you." Valued people will create valuable things. When you make other people feel valued, they become even more valuable.
You may be doing the cards and the chocolates today to say that you care. Some of you will step up and do flowers too. But it's not always about the stuff. Don't forget to let people know how much they mean to you too.

Love is all you need!

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