Are You a Quitter?

Luke 18:1 Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.
Jesus knew that we would be deficient when it came to persistence in prayer. Often we pray or talk to the Lord around our situations urgency rather than developing a lifestyle of communication that brings life changing results.
In this story Jesus told them of a woman that was seeking justice against her adversary from the judge. But he kept denying her request. Then something changed. It was the judge! He finally gave in and honored her request for justice.
Now the lesson is not keep bugging Jesus until he changes his mind! Jesus already knows what you need and the best way to get it to you. But he loves consistency. He loves someone who is focused, driven with determination and willing to press through. He loves one who does not give up.
This could be the day your prayer is answered! You might get that check in the mail that helps pay those bills you have been holding. Your spouse might say or do something that shows you that he Lord is for you and your union is not over. What does the Lord see and hear in your prayer life? Are you quick to start and even quicker to give up? Keep praying...keep trusting and at just the right time, you too will see the hand of the Lord bring favor to you.

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