Spring Forward

Yesterday we decided it was time to get the trash to the curb. By getting out the garbage we can spring forward into a new season of blessing and favor from the Lord. Think of it like this...
You can remain tired, depressed and lonely
You can say to yourself this is as good as it gets
You can have a little pity party for one
You can say that no one cares about you
You can say I'm not talented enough, I don’t have enough time
I'm not the right “fit”
You can spring forward
You can lift up your eyes and walk with your chin up
You can launch out in a new direction
You can trust in the God who CREATED YOU the way you are
You can say “nothing is impossible with God”
You can dust off that old spirit and put on a garment of praise!
Hezekiah did not let what had been, be again! He broke the curse and made the Lord happy. You can too! Are you ready...get set...spring forward!
Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this weekend!

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