Oreo Theology

Sometimes I am a victim of frantic behavior, urgent responses and hurried activity. I even get swept away by tsunami waves of "others needs" and "crisis situations".
In 2014 I'm trying something different. I've always felt like I was good at starting things well and I usually finish strong. But it’s the middle part that gives me fits!
When I feel like my rhythm is off, I can miss the "pace" of this life God designed for me. I think there is a divine flow to life and if we rush to begin and hurry to finish we can miss the best part…the middle. Which brings me to my new theology. 
I love Oreos. I take two cookies, eat the tops off of both and then merge them into a single cookie with double stuff. When OREOS came out with Double Stuff cookies I thought the rapture had come! I know that I go through this routine every time I have them because I enjoy the middle. So why can't my life be like that? I want to enjoy the "middle" portion of all that I do, not just my cookies! It's my OREO theology...ease into the plan, finish with a newfound strength and power and relax while you enjoy the incredible middle. 
I encourage you to try this new theology too. Don’t force beginnings. Don't hurry to finish. Spend time in the middle....savor the flavor! Let the divine pace and flow God desires move you through your life. Now I need to wrap this up…gotta go get me some milk!!!

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