Singing in the Pain

Sometimes life can be challenging. Some people do things that can cause pain on other people. You have probably been harmed by actions, words or some circumstances beyond your control. When I think about these "pains" I remember Paul and Silas and the one night after they had been stripped and beaten when they were thrown into prison. They were under heavy surveillance and bound hand and foot. They had to be in a great deal of pain. 
But the Bible says that at midnight, the two of them began to sing. Really? In chains and in prison and singing? Imagine that, singing in the pain! As their voices were lifted up their chains were falling off. Suddenly a violet earthquake shook the foundations of the prison and ALL of the doors flew open!
Today you may feel as if life has just stripped and beaten you. You may even be held captive by emotional distress or a troublesome circumstance. Why not try what Paul and Silas did? You too can start singing in the pain! When you start praising God He starts raising you up out of what has tried to smother you. Get ready for the doors of freedom to fly open! What a glorious feeling, you'll be happy again! Just singing in the pain!

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