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One Degree

Can you remember the last time that God rocked your world in such a way that you saw everything differently? Our church is on a transformational journey that is going to change the way we do many of the daily ministry tasks. But the journey for the church is a collective gathering of individuals that have had a collision with God's grace and have experienced that humility that lands on you when you see yourself in light of God's amazing power. Suddenly things do not matter. All you want is to know more about Him and His plan for the world and how you can more fully engage in it.
I read a statistic the other day that pointed out how subtle changes can lead to major troubles. Being one degree off course on the flight from San Francisco to LAX can cause you to miss the airport by 6 miles! Just one degree off! In the same way, making small positive adjustments can bring about amazing benefits for the kingdom of God and the mission He has given you.
Take a moment today to ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Is Christ at the center of your life? Are your skills being used in such away that everything about you points people to the Jesus that lives in you? Have you had a collision with His grace?
My prayer for you is that you would not drift off course and that you will always be on point with the direction that the spirit of the Lord is leading you. Trust in the Lord and He WILL direct your path!