Secret Place

When Jesus asked us to come to Him whenever we were weary or overwhelmed with "stuff", I wonder if it had something to do with changing our perspective too? When you crawl up into the arms of your Savior and Lord, things not only feel different, they look different too!
Every once in a while I find that in order to gain the clarity I need for all that is happening in my life, I need to look at my life from a new perspective...I need to find that secret place. I get far enough away that I can look upon life and all that is happening through a fresh lens. It's hard to get a true sense of what you are doing when you are right smack in the middle of all the circumstances.
I am blessed to be able to quickly get to places that are not too far from home which provide me and this crazy mind an escape. This morning I sat in a rocking chair on a patio that overlooked a lake. There were no words...I wasn't looking for anything...I was simply lost in the awesome presence of God and so grateful that He chose me to live my life IN Him. My secret place. I appreciate His protection and the way He provides all that is needed to live life to its fullest. The "splendor of the King" is absolutely majestic.
Where is your secret place? Where do you go to find refuge, peace and refreshing? Jesus promised sweet rest to anyone that would come to Him. Try it today.

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