Throwback Thursday Memory

Thirty seven years ago I sat with anticipation in my seat at the Vets Memorial Coliseum in Columbus Ohio to see a concert. I was about to graduate from high school and trying to determine what I was going to do with my life.
After witnessing the production and being deeply moved by the emotion and performance of Barry Manilow's songs, I made a decision to follow a musical course for my life. It was inspiring to see how people would respond to music.
Since that day I have had the honor of producing over thousands of live events and doing things in the Christian music world that became benchmarks for others. Today that musical passion is still used as I play in our worship band at The Landing Community Church in Glenpool, Oklahoma.
I wrote a book called Dreams2Destiny about my personal journey towards finding my purpose in life and doing what God designed me to do. Today I try every day to help people realize their life's calling and begin to pursue it. I recognize that you must go after the things that you want and when you invite the Lord into the mix, He is able to turn your dreams2destiny every time!
A few years ago, things came full circle as I got the wonderful opportunity to see the man and hear the music that ignited my soul and launched me into a world where I would see millions of people pursue their purpose.
Mr. Manilow, you may have thought that show in Columbus was just another event. For me, it became the catalyst for becoming everything I was designed to be. Just keep writing those songs that make the whole world sing!

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