Depression Lingers

This week we lost someone who made us laugh and smile to a disease as subtle and dangerous as any poison. Robin Williams will be missed. Depression will still linger for millions of people. My daughter made a comment on twitter that said it always seems to be the happiest people that are the most depressed. Of the cases we hear about in the media that is probably true.

Happiness cannot be found in a job, a spouse, a home or in acquiring some level of monetary success. Personally I believe you can not be truly happy until you are in union with your Creator and doing what you were intrinsicly gifted to do. People wrestle with success. They become dependent on other people or things. On jobs and circumstances. Others become hyper-dependent on substances which can lead to addiction and other dark behaviors.

We don't have to live overwhelmed. I also believe that we don't have to be stuck on meds that change more than the symptoms we fight. It's not the load you are carrying that harms's the way you carry it. God loves us: He loved YOU so much that he sent his son to become sin and die on a cross for your sins and weaknesses. You can be strong only when you surrender control of your life to him. It's his strength that kicks in when you are weak. You must get tapped into the understanding that his death was for you to be reconnected(reconciled) to him. Real love, genuine peace and life sustaining joy are only a few of the benefits of trusting in Christ and his gospel. I encourage you to fight the desire to isolate and insulate yourself when things feel like they are crashing in on you. Integration with others can help you start to move towards things that bring life and find a way out of the dark. And that way my friends is Jesus.

Psalm 13 has also brought some comfort to many:) Trust God.


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