Fly Like an Eagle

This weekend I had the privilege of flying in a PT-19 set up for me by some great friends of mine, Clay and Winona Harris. The picture is the plane I was in and that's Clay standing with me with my pilot Jim looking in total control. I’ve never been in an aircraft like this one and the fact that you are just strapped in with nothing over your head was a bit unsettling at first. As we went up a few thousand feet I got a little bit of courage to look over the edge and once I got a glimpse of our city form this vantage point, I settled down and really enjoyed the trip. It was inspiring and exhilirating. Seeing Tulsa from above is much prettier, more peaceful and absolutely beautiful.
It made me think about how life changes down here when you look at it from a different angle…a fresh perspective. Maybe that’s why we are encouraged to “mount up with wings as eagles” In Isaiah 40. Living above the circumstances is much better than being buried under the circumstances. It so much more thrilling with the eagle angle.

As you start a new week, choose to fly higher than all of the trouble and when you feel overwhelmed, let the spirit of God lift you up a little higher. It’s time to fly like and eagle:)

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