Life's Little Curveballs

As a young boy I had high hopes of playing major league baseball. I was a pitcher and shortstop and loved it. My hitting skills were so-so back in the day and that was before these amazing pitchers had so many types of pitches! This morning I started thinking about's curveballs. Standing in the batters box to hit a fastball is easy once you get your timing right. It's the off speed curveball that catches us off guard. I've watched many batters back away as it looks like the ball is going to be high and tight only to watch it curve right over the strike zone. Once the batter has seen it, they usually don't get fooled again. The curveball doesn't surprise them and when it comes they connect in a very big way!
When life throws us curveballs it is easy to back away and be caught off guard. Things happen that we have not prepared for. Even if we had, they still cause us to rock back on our heels. Sometimes you even look foolish backing away from something that is not even going to hit you! But after facing a few curves, it gets easier to hang in there, plant your feet firmly in the box and hit the ball. There is nothing more amazing than watching a hitter take that curveball for a ride! You may not be a Derek Jeter on the field, but you can be a champion slugger in life. God made you to succeed. He will help you time the fastballs and not flinch at the curves. Keep your eye on the ball!

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