Can We Survive?

I've been asking this question about many things over the last couple of months. Our country is dealing with some serious conflicts, my friends are going through the ringer and our church continues to struggle financially each month. As I was driving to work yesterday I was talking to the Lord about all of it and telling Him just how overwhelmed I felt. I know that when things "feel" like this, it can mean that I am trying to carry a load that I should not carry. 
Jesus told us that we could exchange the weight we struggle with for His peace. He encouraged us to take lay the things we are challenged by at His feet. Of course, we know this and we have told others to do this many times but when it comes to actually laying everything down,'s difficult. As I wrestled with my thoughts and conversation with the Lord I began to understand just how small my faith is. Do I actually believe that He can help our country? Is His power enough to turnaround the situations for my sweet friends? Will The Landing be able to survive financially so it can continue to fulfill His purpose? 
I want to emphatically say yes with my mouth but my heart and head still struggle. So today I am praying for you and ask you to pray for me. May God's all sufficient grace cover all of us, my His protection preserve this nation and may His provision be all that is needed at just the right time. Lord, increase OUR faith:)

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