God Has a Sense of Humor

Well yesterday I was blogging and encouraging people that God can be there in the midst of the storm...to look for the silver lining in every cloud. About 2 hours after my post a severe storm hit our city and it was filled with booming thunder and flashes of lightning. I felt like a prophet:) 
This picture today is what I found when I came home to my house. Right before I turned into the neighborhood I live in, winds rose to over 60 mph and I had to stop on the road because things were flying in front of me. It was like a scene from Twister. I went out to my backyard when I got to the house and found a trampoline that belonged to my neighbors 2 houses down!
This storm surprised us and changed things for two families. But the good news...the silver lining is that no one was home and no one was hurt. The bad news is that I finally have a trampoline and I can't use it!
Thank you Lord for showing me your unique and often strange sense of humor:) Thanks for keeping us safe. We can replace stuff. Grateful that everyone is OK.
Enjoy your weekend! Sail on!

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