L.E.A.F. Pile

Several years ago when my book "Dreams2Destiny" came out, I went on a mini book tour. It was a very exciting time as I appeared on television programs like Daystar and the Harvest program with Lesea Broadcasting. As I was traveling from from city to city I had lots of time to think about what I was doing, the books I was writing and what God may be wanting me to do. It was an intimate time where He and I talked quite often and His revelation was being downloaded to me. It was in that season of time that this acronym was in my mind: L.E.A.F. It stands for Laziness, Exaggeration Apathy and Fear. 
It seemed to me that every time you begin to let that DREAM God gave you come alive, these things start to fall over top of it. As I was traveling I realized that I was kind of a "LEAF" blower and part of my mission for that year was to help blow laziness, exaggeration, apathy and fear off of the dreams of God's people.
So today, don't create a LEAF pile in your life. Stay alert, be real, keep your focus on Christ and let those dreams that He is igniting in you surface. You can help others to keep their dreams clear too. Blow away that LEAF pile!

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